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This show’s run has gone by so quickly, but there’s still time for you to put on your blue suede shoes and snag a seat!

If you had the pleasure of seeing A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, then you know it was a tough act to follow! The third show of The Muny’s 99th season was marvelous and made headlines. So how does its fourth measure up?
Featuring the songs of the one and only Elvis Presley, All Shook Up satisfies many musical cravings. It serves audience members who appreciate a good romantic comedy, those who want to hear songs they’ve grown up with, and even fans of Shakespeare! (Fun Fact: This show was inspired by Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.) Needless to say, there’s something for everyone!
When the show opens, it’s 1955, and we’re introduced to a town that’s depressingly droll. The colors of the buildings are muted, as is the clothing worn by the community—that is until a leather-sporting, motorcycle-riding, hip-swiveling stranger cruises into town. Everything from the way Chad (Tim Rogan) dresses to the way he dances is foreign to the residents of this small, provincial Midwestern town. But his philosophy on life rubs off on them real fast!
The town mechanic, Natalie (Caroline Bowman), is most mesmerized of all. Much to the dismay of her best friend Dennis (Barrett Riggins), who has been secretly in love with her for quite some time, she quickly falls head over heals for Chad. Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual! This brings me to the show’s reoccurring, comedic conflict: Nearly everyone begins crushing on someone who isn’t at all interested. And you know what they say, love makes people do some crazy things!
The Muny has assembled a large, talented cast to bring All Shook Up! to life. Next to Rogan and Bowman—who technically plays two characters—Felicia Finley (as Miss Sandra) delivers some of the show’s most vocally memorable performances.
However, what I’ll remember most about this show isn’t necessarily the music or the cast—as wonderful as both were. Instead, it’s the costuming and set design that especially struck me! As I alluded to earlier, the scene on stage when the show begins is basically black and white, drained of color. But Chad’s arrival brightens up everything (literally), and the transformation is executed beautifully! And during the second act, The Muny takes the crowd back to an old, abandoned theme park—every element of which is well done.
This show’s run has gone by much too quickly, but there’s still time for you to put on your blue suede shoes and snag a seat! | Megan Washausen Randall 
All Shook Up! runs through July 19. For ticket information, visit

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