The Next Big Thing

March 22, 2017 0

Justin Symbol & Co. have created the sound of a creepy, carnal journey through the mind of a lost soul.

On Tour: Kris Kristofferson

March 22, 2017 0

When you hear “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down,” you feel the weariness and sadness written by a man who’s been there.

On Tour: Simple Plan

March 21, 2017 0

Simple Plan has embarked on an anniversary tour to play their debut album in its entirety.

Japan Nite 2017 | 03.16-26.17

March 16, 2017 0

And for the 11th year in a row, I serve as your humble guide through the bands playing both the showcase at SXSW and the national tour that follows.

Plaid Brixx | Pattern and Color

March 12, 2017 0

“We jumped out of the spaceship into ‘The Greener Side’ forest, started writing songs, and all lived happily ever after.”

Syd | Fin (Columbia)

March 7, 2017 0

The mood for this album is easy listening and sexy, two feelings that go hand in hand.

On Tour: Keller Williams

March 1, 2017 0

Williams is teaming up with legendary folk and delta blues guitarist Leo Kottke for a unique evening of music and storytelling.

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