Davey Suicide | Made from Fire (s/r)

Made with Fire may just take the artist to the upper echelon of industrial rock.

Industrial metal powerhouse Davey Suicide has returned to the industrial metal scene with his third full-length LP. Made from Fire is a 14-track opus that shines on many levels, yet disappoints on some. With haunting riffs, a heavy rhythm section, and Suicide’s growling vocal, this album is where he needs to be…yet it could be sharper. Industrial metal with a pop sensibility, the album seems to show some growth on the part of the artist; lyrically, though, it could be more poignant. Suicide is known for his clever and sometime over-the-top lyrics and concepts; on this release, the depth in the lyric is somewhat missing.

This is not to say Made from Fire is not worthy of praise. While it does seem somewhat obvious they may be going for a hit single this time around, the album as a whole is a great listen. Mood-setting instrumental “Resurrection” blends seamlessly into the main heart of the album. Dark riffs accompany a crunching rhythm, as the vocal slams into you. Opening track “Rise Above,” while certainly influenced by the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and other industrial rock powerhouses, stands on its own, blistering and fierce. The songs do not disappoint.

Spotlight tracks include “Dancing with the Reaper,” with its synths and driving beats, as well as the newest single from the album, “Too Many Freaks” featuring Twizted. Other spotlight performances are here, notably the guest vocal by William Control on the track “Paralyzed.” “End of the War” closes the disc, a somber, chilling track that brings the album to a meaningful end.

Overall, the album has the potential to win over a new audience. Industrial fans, as well as more metal and pop music fans can get next to this album. The tracks are strong and represent where this band is right now. It does seem, however, that Davey Suicide is getting more comfortable in his own skin. Made with Fire brings a kind of independence for the band. Free from his old record label and having to fight for the rights to his music (a fight he won), Suicide has come out on the other side with great aplomb. Made with Fire may just take the artist to the upper echelon of industrial rock. B+ | Marc Farr

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