Time To Say Goodbye

They say all good things must come to an end. We don’t know about all things, but with PLAYBACK:stl, that’s certainly the case.

After nearly 15½ years of publication, including 4½ in print, it’s time for our curtain call. Over those years, we expanded into other markets, most recently Denver, and grew our coverage to include not only music and movies, but comics, books, theater, art, and more. We’ve reviewed thousands of concerts, albums, and festivals; we’ve interviewed our heroes; and we’ve met innumerable artists whose work has changed our lives.

In short, we’ve had a blast.

Issue #1, April 2002

PLAYBACK:stl will cease to be updated after July 31, 2017; the site will remain online until December 31, at which time the lights will go down and the curtains will close.

If you have questions or want to reach us, feel free to CONTACT US. And if perchance you’re an intrepid soul interested in taking over the site and its content, by all means get in touch.

We appreciate you all—readers, publicists, and most of all, the artists who inspire us—for all the love you’ve shown us over the years. Our lives have been forever changed by the experience; we hope we’ve made yours a bit more entertaining, as well. A special thanks goes to all over our writers over the years who have contributed (almost all as volunteers) time, effort, skills and a true love of the arts. You have helped us make this dream come true. 

Laura Hamlett, Managing Editor
Jim Dunn, Art Director/Webbish

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