PLAYBACK:stl began as all good creations do, with a naïve musing. Husband-and-wife founders Jim Dunn and Laura Hamlett had already been writing for and designing somebody else’s local music magazine. They loved music—it brought them together, after all—and had always been the ones to suggest new sounds to their friends. Why not start their own magazine? After all, they actually said aloud, “How hard could it be?” (Turns out running a magazine is sort of hard.)

PLAYBACK:stl launched in April 2002, both in print and on the web. It attracted writers in and outside of St. Louis, the pair’s hometown, as well as readers both nation- and worldwide. For four and a half years, the print publication grew in both pages and color, and secured national distribution—just as print was clearly becoming a dying breed. The decision was made to ditch the paper and focus on the digital…and we’ve never looked back.

Although inspired by music, PLAYBACK:stl is about entertainment, including film, comics, theater, books, and more. Our writers listen to albums, go to concerts, interview their favorite artists, watch movies, attend live theater, read comic books, cover festivals, and take photographs. We go to South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, Hangout, Beale Street Music Festival, and more. We cover film festivals, including St. Louis International, Virginia, Citizen Jane, Fantasia, True/False, among others. We’re always publishing new content, so come back often.

In 2013, Jim and Laura moved to Denver, so PLAYBACK:stl now covers more of the Mile High City’s music scene. In fact, we’ve also launched www.playbackden.com for the really Denver-focused stuff. While the bulk of our writers are still in the Midwest, we’ve got contributors from all over—and we’re always looking for more!

Want to write for us? Want to make PLAYBACK:stl a big part of your city? Want to advertise on the site? Want to ask us any other questions or tell us how much you love us? Drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you!


Denver, CO • St. Louis, MO


Laura Hamlett • Managing Editor

Jim Dunn • Advertising Manager


Sarah Boslaugh • Film Editor

Marc FarrLive Music Editor

Megan WashausenSt. Louis Editor

Jason GreenComics Editor



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