Pow! To the People 07.09.10

July 9, 2010 0

The fine folks at New England Comics in Boston hook Eddie Argos up with some comics and he shares his favorites: the superhero send-up The Tick and the much more enlightening Inbound 4: A Comic-Book History […]

Pow! To the People 01.08.10

January 8, 2010 0

Eddie Argos’ brain has finally recovered from the latest Art Brut tour, so he’s back and ready to start digging through his stack of comics. Up first, a look at Under Pressure, the first collection […]

Pow! To The People 09.18.09

September 18, 2009 0

Eddie Argos discusses his love of Chicago and John Constantine, and takes a look at the Hellblazer star’s contribution to the new Vertigo Crime line, Dark Entries, from crime novelist Ian Rankin.  

Pow! To the People 07.15.09

July 14, 2009 0

Back after a lengthy hiatus, Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos discusses being ‘outed’ as a comics fan and his take on the fan favorite Scott Pilgrim series.  

Pow! To the People 02.20.09

February 19, 2009 0

Eddie Argos attempts to survive a transatlantic flight armed with nothing but a couple issues of Radical Comics’ futuristic racing epic Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland. The results aren’t pretty.  

Pow! To the People 01.09.09

January 8, 2009 0

The recording of Art Brut’s new album kept Eddie Argos a bit too busy to read comics over the last few months, but he’s back with a new favorite: Emmanuel Guibert’s unique soldier’s memoir, Alan’s War.  

Pow! To the People 10.31.08

November 1, 2008 0

Art Brut singer Eddie Argos turns the tables on a fellow rocker with a look at My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, plus a look at the DC Comics Encyclopedia.  

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