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The life of a touring musician makes it hard to hit the comic shop every week, but Eddie Argos found an easy way to keep up with the adventures of Booster Gold and co.: his iPod.




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I started writing Pow! To The People in July 2008, and according to Wikipedia (so it must be true), I write it every fortnight. So that means I have written 68 by now. Pretty impressive, especially considering I can only find 14 online. Someone must have taken the other 54 down for some reason.
Alright, I admit this is only the fifteenth column I’ve written. I fell behind, I can’t help it. I’m a bit flakey and I get busy and forget. I’ve been especially busy recently recording the new Art Brut record and relocating to Berlin. I’ve been so busy, in fact, that I’ve even fallen behind with reading comics. For the first time in about 20 years I have no idea what is going on with Booster Gold. I’m about 5 months behind. It feels like there is an empty hole in my life.
The only comic I’ve managed to keep up with is Justice League: Generation Lost. This is because I can download it into my iPod.
I was really skeptical about downloading comics. I was the comic geek equivalent of one of those vinyl bores who goes on and on about how mp3s are terrible and how listening to music is enhanced by hearing the scratch of the needle and feeling the weight of the vinyl.
I was claiming similar absurdities about comic books, saying things like part of the pleasure of buying a comic is the social experience of having to go to the store to buy it, or that the smell of the print in a new comic is integral to its enjoyment. Both of these statements are nonsense. I hate going into comic shops. They are usually full of idiots role-playing some stupid card game I’ve never heard of. And obviously, smelling a drawing of Batman in no way enhances the pleasure of reading stories about him. (Neither does licking a picture of him. I know, I’ve tried.) 
Since I’ve actually tried downloading comics, I’ve done a full 180 and completely changed my mind. Now I think it is the best way to read comics.
In the past (with a few exceptions) I would read a comic in about two minutes, barely looking at the art. When you download comics, the iPod guides you from frame to frame through the story. I’ve found that I really appreciate the art a lot more now and don’t just rush through the book to see how it ends.
The best thing about downloading comics straight into my iPod is that I can do it from my bed. Even when I’m really busy I can still get my hands on a comic, and when I’m not busy I can spend all day in bed reading comics without having to go to the shops.

My only complaint really with downloading comics into the iPod is that the selection so far is not very big. It has also made me a bit lazy, so if someone out there would like to send some comics directly to my bed that would be great. Ta. | Eddie Argos


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