Parachute| Right Behind You All Along

You’ve made it to the place you want to be, and Parachute’s the one you want to be with.


Your relationship with Parachute is like the unsuspecting love that springs from running into an old high school classmate years later. You knew him back then—knew who he was, anyway—and he seemed nice, but you ran in different circles. It’s not that you couldn’t have been friends, because maybe you could, but you just weren’t. No big deal. When senior year came, he signed your yearbook and you his, but there wasn’t anything personal about it. You graduated and he graduated and you forgot about one another.

The date: March 21, 2009
The place: Stubbs BBQ, Austin, Texas
The occasion: South by Southwest

I’m there with Jim, who’s dying to see PJ Harvey. Me, I’m meh on her, but I love Jim so here I am. We’re there in plenty of time, of course, so we catch the opening acts. One of them is Parachute. They’re good, but it’s not altogether clicking with me, not yet. Maybe I’m dreading what comes later (which, truth be told, I near-hated), maybe I’m talking too much with friends, but it ends up being an enjoyable, if unmemorable set. Somebody hands me a three-song demo disc, which I take home and like enough to check out the debut album, Losing Sleep. I listened a few times and then put it away for whatever next caught my ear.

One day, flipping through your high school yearbook in a fit of nostalgia, you come across his picture, and then what he wrote inside the back cover: “Wherever you are is where you’re meant to be.” Back then you didn’t see it, but now you realize the wisdom in his words. You remember him: He really seemed like a nice guy. You wish you’d maybe known him better. And then you close the yearbook and go back to living your life. One day, quite by accident, you run into him again and strike up a conversation. Where has this guy been all your life? How did you not take the time to get to know him before? A flame is ignited—but he lives out of town and all you have are the lilt of his voice and the meaning of his words.

The date: March 14, 2015
The place: Ogden Theatre, Denver, Colorado
The occasion: Mat Kearney

When I found out Parachute was opening for Mat Kearney, I went back and dug up Losing Sleep. It was good; why hadn’t I played it more? But the show—the show was better. The show was amazing. To say it resonated with me would be an understatement; I was hooked. I immediately picked up their second and third releases, 2011’s The Way It Was and 2013’s Overnight, and played them over and over. And over.

He comes to town but you are busy and can’t see him. He’s still there for you, though, always with a word of inspiration or love when you need it. He sings you to sleep at night and fills your waking hours with melody. But he is so far way. Until…he plans another trip to your city. You’ll be there. Finally: You’ll be in the same place at the same time—intentionally. You’ve been waiting for this for over a year, and now it’s finally going to happen. You’ve realized what he means to you. It’s OK that it didn’t happen back in high school; you weren’t ready then. But now, now you’ve made it to the place you want to be, and he’s the one you want to be with. You’re counting down the days until your life begins.

The date: April 12, 2016
The place: Gothic Theater, Englewood, Colorado
The occasion: Parachute | Laura Hamlett

Parachute Spring 2016 U.S. Tour

03.26 | Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville VA
03.28 | Union Transfer, Philadelphia
03.30 | Irving Plaza, New York
03.31 | Mohegan Sun – Wolf Den, Montville CT
04.01 | Royale Nightclub, Boston
04.02 | Port City Music Hall, Portland ME
04.04 | Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
04.06 | Deluxe, Indianapolis
04.07 | House of Blues, Chicago
04.08 | Wooly’s, Des Moines
04.09 | Varsity Theater, Minneapolis
04.11 | The Waiting Room, Omaha
04.12 | Gothic Theater, Denver
04.13 | In the Venue, Salt Lake City
04.14 | Knitting Factory, Boise
04.15 | Knitting Factory, Spokane WA
04.16 | Neptune Theatre, Seattle
04.18 | Ace of Spades, Sacramento
04.19 | Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
04.21 | House of Blues, San Diego
04.22 | The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles
04.23 | Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix
04.26 | The Kessler, Dallas
04.27 | The Parish, Austin
04.29 | Walter’s Downtown, Houston
04.30 | Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa
05.02 | Terminal West, Atlanta
05.04 | 9:30 Club, Washington DC
05.05 | Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro NC
05.06 | Cannery Ballroom, Nashville
05.07 | Old Rock House, St. Louis

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