Motörhead | The Wörld is Yours (Motörhead Music)

Motorhead releases their 20th studio album, meticulously following the guidelines set by the previous nineteen.

Can you imagine playing in a band for thirty-six years? I mean, sure, The Rolling Stones have done it; U2 is almost there; David Bowie’s been around forever. But those are bands that have gained international stardom, artists whose name is recognized by literally everyone. Now imagine being in a band for thirty-six years and still playing small venues, touring with your friends, living in moderate obscurity to the general public. Well, rock’n’roll powerhouse Motörhead not only imagines it, they live it. And have lived it every day since 1975. Now, obviously I can’t say for sure what the guys in the band are thinking but it seems to me that none of that matters. All that matters is that they’re pretty damn happy doing what it is that they’re doing.

 So, what can I say about their latest release, The Wörld is Yours? I can say that it’s the 20th studio album from the band. I can say that it’s a fairly standard Motörhead material; what one would expect. I can say it offers several colorful opinions: the world is full of despair and destruction, we’re all gonna die after leading meaningless lives, the human race is full of bastards, revenge is sweet; you know, the usual. There is, however, a bit more of an uplifting feel on “Rock’n’Roll Music,” the band’s glowing tribute to the saving powers of music. I can say all of those things and probably a few more. What I want to say, though is simply: I like it. It’s good. You should listen to it. 

Albeit, the album has it’s faults. After nineteen previous albums, I was waiting for something new, a nod to this epic mile-marker (20 albums?! Some bands don’t make it past one or at least should stop after one…) or a subtle sign of maturation. I was ready for it but I’m not surprised by the absence of it; like I said before, this is a very standard release from a band that has been applauded for staying true to their past. That being said, I guess I’m not blown away by The Wörld is Yours but I definitely appreciate Motörhead for being themselves and I applaud their longevity. B | Nicole Madden

RIYL: Any other Motörhead album, High on Fire

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