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When the music’s this good, I need to take any chance I get to promote it.


This is what happens when I go out of town: I neglect to listen to an album I got before I left. This isn’t really a big deal, but when the artist in question is about to play a show in one of PLAYBACK:stl’s home cities and the music’s this good, I need to take any chance to promote it.

The artist in question is Mobley and the EP is Some Other Country. The blurb that got me interested was this description: “think TV on the Radio meets Bastille meets The Weeknd.” Can’t go wrong, right? And for once, a publicist nails it. Mobley’s got the sultriness of The Weeknd, the energy of TV on the Radio, and rich vocals a lá Bastille.

And the album? The album is the shit, and then some. Lead track “Our Man in New York” is an instrumental, gently pulsing, piano-driven bit of indie rock—but don’t let that serve as a definition, because it doesn’t come close. Next up is “Victoria,” and it’s fresh, sexy, and insinuatingly addictive. I could listen to this one song on repeat for far too long.

But then I’d miss what follows. “Hound the World” has more of an electronic vibe, with a groove-filled undertrack, synth propulsion, and vocoder-assisted vocals. New single “Solo” is also hook-y, if not quite as captivating as “Victoria.” “Tell Me” and “2-09am” are sultry slow jams, followed by the gentle indie sound of “Ercolano, MI.” Final track and first single “Swoon” takes the tempo back up a bit, not quite to “Victoria” levels, but enough to inspire some chair dancing—and a quick hit of the “replay” button.

At just 25 minutes, Some Other Country isn’t nearly as long as I’d like it to be. However, it does exactly what an EP is meant to do: Hook listeners, get them to shows, and inspire a full-length. All good things—and all well earned by Mobley. | Laura Hamlett

Mobley plays the Demo in St. Louis on April 28. No Denver date yet, but I’ll keep hoping.

04.27 | Open Chord Brewhouse, Knoxville TN
04.28 | The Demo, St. Louis
04.29 | Minibar, Kansas City
04.30 | Maxine’s, Hot Springs AR
05.01 | The Grotto, Fort Worth
05.07 | The Mohawk, Austin
08.12 | Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta

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