Rude Chapbooks 02.28.11 | School Daze

February 28, 2011 0

In a hard-driving week for floppies, writer Nick Spencer earns top marks for studying psycho scholastics in Morning Glories #7, while retooling War Machine in Iron Man 2.0 #1. Also: huzzahs for a doctor named […]

Old 97’s | 2.18.11

February 25, 2011 0

The messiness of their earlier shows has been replaced by a polish that no doubt comes from years in the industry; they have survived, but there’s something lost in the process of cleaning up.

Nenette (Kino International, NR)

February 25, 2011 0

If, like me, you find zoos creepy to begin with, you may find this film seriously disturbing in a Twilight Zone sort of way, which ultimately is a testimony to its power.

Marvel Comics 03.16-23.11 and beyond | MMXI

February 25, 2011 0

2011 is The Year of the X-Men, and Marvel’s celebrating with a ton of special releases and big storylines, including the return of writer Christopher Yost for the "First to Last" storyline that kicks off […]

DeVotchKa | 100 Lovers (Anti-Records)

February 23, 2011 0

The album is laced with DeVotchKa’s signature Eastern European and Latin flourishes. But 100 Lovers has a greater sonic expansiveness than previous DeVotchKa albums and covers more territory than the band ever has before.

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