Story of the Year | 04.18.08

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live_soty_sm.jpgStory of the Year once again outdid themselves and played an exceptional show.







House of Blues, Chicago


Cold weather didn't keep people from coming to the House of Blues on a dreary Monday night. Hailing from St. Louis, Story of the Year took the stage along with guests Madina Lake and Josephine Collective.

Only a couple of weeks into their Black Swan tour, SOTY made a splash in the windy city along with their tour counterparts. Josephine Collective was first to showcase their awesome talents to the packed HOB and was welcomed with open ears. This was my first time experiencing the band, but they soon turned my anticipation into true musical appreciation. They were a refreshing mix of melodies that was something different than what I am used to. Their live show was definitely much different than what is heard on their album I found out afterward. Live, the band's dynamics are evident and it's amazing how they work together. Josephine Collective is a band to watch out for.

Madina Lake also was new to me. Their stage presence was amazing! They were all over and always keeping the audience engaged. Their sound was similar to that of Josephine Collective, which made them a good balance for the night. The crowd seemed to really be into the band and you could feel the energy throughout the venue. I could relate to a lot of their songs, which made me want to learn more about them. After the concert, I came home and listened to some more of their album and fell in love with their lyrics. Madina Lake is a great band for anyone who wants to escape from reality and into a whole different world.

After a 20-minute break, the headliner SOTY finally took the stage. I had wiggled my way down onto the floor and could automatically feel the rush of energy and excitement throughout the crowd. When the band started playing, the floor pulsed like a heartbeat as concertgoers jumped to the sound. They started off playing a few songs from their new album Black Swan that, as always, were amazing. One of the first songs, "Wake Up," was a mixture of the band's usual hardness, but laced with lyrics that really made you think. As the show went on, mosh pits broke out as the band encouraged a huge circle to form in the middle of the floor. Of course, they played favorites "Anthem of Our Dying Day" and "Until the Day I Die," both from their debut album Page Avenue. The band interacted with the audience in between songs and made sly jokes comparing St. Louis to Chicago. Being from the St. Louis area, I had to back the band up! SOTY once again outdid themselves and played an exceptional show. Their sound has evolved over the years, but they stick to their roots and have kept a constant following of fans. I am proud to be one of them.

Story of the Year with Josephine Collective and Madina Lake put on an awesome show at the House of Blues. The crowd was great and the overall experience was something I never expected. I have seen SOTY before, but it was my first time with the opening acts; however, they were perfect matches to one of my favorite bands. It was great seeing a bit of my home in Chicago. | Ashley Mouldon

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