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Three To See

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Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Missile Silo Suite:
Every time I see this band launch into one of their sets, I know I’m in for a treat. Our local guitar rock acts tend to be really good, and this band is no exception. It’s hard not to be drawn into the sound the two guitar players help create, which manages to be exciting and melodic at the same time. Guitarist A.D. Thurston has a laid-back approach onstage and seems to pull off great guitar fills and chord progressions without effort. In addition, singer Sarah Laak seems to have become more gained in confidence in the last two years. She used to make a lot of weird facial expressions, which included bugging her eyes out whenever possible, but now she gives great performances. One word of advice: if you see this band perform, don’t let them leave the stage without playing “Mercury.”

Gassoff: Three members of the local Misfits tribute band The Skulls take up this impressive new rock band. Singer/guitarist Devin Baker puts so much heart into his set that it’s almost more than his guitar can handle. One show the group did at the Hi-Pointe literally ended when his guitar strings were breaking and he was unable to continue. The group’s songs have a powerful, dark guitar sound; with Baker’s unique voice and the brutally solid rhythm section behind him, it’s hard not to be drawn into the live set. The overall effect is literally haunting. In addition to \original songs, a few cover tunes are thrown into the mix. But it’s the bands devastatingly cold power ballad in the middle of the set that really captures the most attention from audiences.

The Misses: The lead singer of this all-female punk band is a woman named Misses Sikki Nixx. When she is not onstage, Nixx likes to practice kickboxing, which certainly makes sense because this bands live show kicks ass. Nixx has such a strong stage presence and is so entertaining, it’s hard to want to go to the bar for fear of missing some of the show. Granted, the band could not be any more simplistic musically, but the lyrics and stage antics, as well as a famous song by the Damned thrown in the mix, make this group worth checking out.

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