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Three To See

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Here are just three of the great original St. Louis bands that play around town on a regular basis. Check these three out as soon as you get a chance.

Orb Vroomer—For anyone tired of predictable bands, Orb Vroomer is a true must-see. This original four-piece group mixes guitars and keyboards over a brutal drumbeat to create their own eccentric version of gothic electronica music. Just watching them perform onstage is an experience in itself. The lead singer—who takes turns playing guitar and synthesizer—and his female sidekick on keyboards have a strong stage presence and are hard to stop watching, for fear of missing anything. The vocals have so many effects that they are almost like another instrument; things get even more unusual when scary spoken-word performances take the place of singing.

Whoppers Taste Good—
I can vividly remember seeing this band perform on the Double Helix show “Critical Mass” back when I was in junior high. After seeing their performance and the hilarious interview that went with it, I really wanted to see them play. Sadly, I left town for school before seeing any of their gigs. I finally caught one of their shows at the Hi-Pointe last month and Whoppers Taste Good proved to be a good band, indeed. This local punk rock group has all the loud and distorted guitar sounds you’d expect from a punk band, but they have a sense of humor and theatrics, as well. The lead singer’s costume seems to be inspired by a combination of beer cans, wrapping paper, and the beloved Cardinals mascot, Fred Bird. Their show is lively and exciting, well worth your time to go see.

Miss Pie—Miss Pie is a one-woman punk rock show who serves up catchy songs with the help of a drum machine, electric guitar, and some sampled excerpts she plays between songs. Going to see her play is a surefire way to get your fill of catchy songs ranging from stories of sex, popular mall girls, and a punk rock cover of “99 Red Balloons.” She’s very personable and not afraid to chat and tell stories, but the best piece of her set is a tribute to the anti-depressant, Prozac. She recently has joined the band (appropriately titled) The Misses.

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