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Three To See

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Shame Club
Shame Club is not only one of the great “local” bands to see week after week, they play some of the best guitar rock you’re likely to find anywhere. With little chatter between songs, no ballads, and a relentless assault of guitar riffs and crashing drums, this group will leave you feeling exhausted by the end of their set. Shame Club is one club that has good musicians for members and a hell of a rock show to offer their guests.

The Saw is Family

The Saw is Family is one of the few great hard rock bands on the scene that can say that they have taken their influence from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Their show is complete with horror movie costumes and a unique guitar/bass sound that tends to mimic the sound of chainsaws throughout the show. The band is a must see on the local scene, especially if they play their song, “I Don’t Care.” After hearing it, you most likely will.

Fantasy Four

There are actually only three members—two women and one guy—who make up the Fantasy Four; a very noisy trio with no shortage of hooks. The songs are so catchy that it’s almost impossible not to remember them after the show is over. Bring your earplugs and have fun seeing this one.

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