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tom sawyer smThe play was beautifully directed and the actors and actresses were great.


The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer came to life at The Repertory Theatre on November 30, 2011. With a great cast, the play tells the story of a mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer (Tim McKiernan) and his friend Huckleberry Finn (Robbie Tann). There is also a bit of a love relationship between Tom and a new girl in town, Becky Thatcher (Hayley Treider).

A cold-blooded murder sweeps through the town and only two boys know the real story: Tom and Huck. The two boys were sneaking around in the grave yard and spied Injun Joe (Michael D. Nichols), Muff Potter (Joseph Adams), and Doc Robinson (Nate Trinrud). Injun Joe wants to get back at Doc Robinson for something that happened in their childhood. Joe knocks Potter out, then murders Doc Robinson with a knife. While Muff Potter in unconscious, Injun Joe puts the knife in Potter’s hand. As Potter comes to, he believes he did, in fact, murder Doc Robinson. Huck and Tom make a blood oath that they can’t ever tell anyone.

All through the story, Tom, Huck, and another town boy named Joe Harper (Justin Fuller) pretend to be pirates with very imaginative minds. Tom and Huck also dig for hidden treasures and like to play ghost games, scaring each other.

There is a white fence scene when Tom gets in trouble with his Aunt Polly. Tom’s punishment is to paint the fence. As Tom is painting, Joe Harper comes along and Tom uses reverse psychology, saying that he is so lucky he gets to paint the fence and that he is the only one who can paint it because his Aunt Polly is very particular. Joe wants to help, so he offers his apple core and then his entire apple and Tom decides to “let him help.” Soon, all the kids in the town are lined up to give Tom their special trinkets so he will let them paint, too.

This isn’t all the trouble these boys get into. Tom, Huck, and Joe decide to run away to Jackson’s Island. After being gone three days, the town thinks they are dead. It is during the funeral when Tom decides to walk into the church and let the townspeople know they are not dead. Aunt Polly, who has raised Tom and his brother Sid since their mother’s death, is furious, but only for a very short time. She is used to Tom’s mischievous attitude.

tom sawyer 250Like all families, theirs does not always get along. Sid and Tom tattle on each other and Aunt Polly scolds them. Sid’s personality is a goody-goody one and he wants Aunt Polly to favor him. Tom’s personality is that he is very adventurous and playful. He may have his crazy moments, but has a soft spot for his aunt. Aunt Polly’s personality is more of a strict, loving person. She may have her moments when Tom and Sid get into trouble, but she loves them very much. She makes it clear that no matter how much trouble they get in, she will always love them.

This story takes place in Hannibal, Missouri. The majority of the stage scenery is the white picket fence. When I think of Tom Sawyer, I think of him floating on a raft down the Mississippi River. I think the set should have also included the river and not just the white fence.

Near the end of the story, Becky asks Tom to go on a picnic where some caves are located. While they are searching in the caves, Tom and Becky get lost. Trying to find their way out, they spy Injun Joe hiding some gold he had stolen. Finally, when Tom and Becky get out, her father puts a metal door with locks over the entrance of the cave. When Tom finds out two weeks later about the door, he lets the town know Injun Joe was also in the cave. This is the end of Injun Joe; they open the door and find him dead.

I recommend seeing this play; it was very entertaining. If you get tickets, it would be nice to take kids who are 10 and over. The play was beautifully directed and the actors and actresses were great. I loved this play. | Sydney Keefe, age 12

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was written by Laura Eason, adapted from the novel by Mark Twain and directed by Jeremy B. Cohen. This show is playing at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis through December 23. More information and tickets are available online at

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