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Stomp 75STOMP very cleverly wins the hearts of its viewers in a way that seems both genuine and organic. 

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Loud, proud, and quite a bit more clever than you might expect, STOMP makes it look too easy. The show begins modestly, as one man takes the stage with a broom. However, immediately as he begins sweeping, you realize that things won’t remain modest for long. Without uttering a single word, his sweeping takes on a cadence, and other sweepers begin to join in. 

“Ah, I see, the gigantic percussion free-for-all has begun,” you start to think.

However, you begin to notice that each percussionist has their own identity. Although they are mostly silent throughout the show, each cast member finds ways of expressing a little of who they are.

One of the personalities is the leader of the group, who in moments plays intricately, aggressively, and very seriously. And yet, in other moments, displays remarkable charm and charisma in how he interacts with the audience.

He claps, indicating to the audience that they are to mimic the rhythm back. 

“I…I’ve got it! I can be a percussionist too!” you arrogantly begin to believe. But then, the rhythms suddenly become extremely difficult and you realize, “Oh right, he’s the professional here…I’m not.”

It might be easy to think an hour and a half of percussion might become stale pretty quickly, but the way that STOMP combines humor and acting into their show allows things to stay interesting. It’s actually pretty surprising how you walk away from the show thinking, “I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.”

The set STOMP uses fills the entire backdrop of the stage. “When are they going to hit all of those things?” you wonder for the first half of the show. Then by this point, they have used everything you could imagine as a drum…literally even the kitchen sink. 

And then, two of the percussionists appear, hanging from the ceiling, and they begin to move to and fro, using the backdrop to create a light “chime” effect. 

“Oh man, it’s about to get crazy!” you excitedly mutter under your breath.

More of the cast appear on the floor, and what began soft has now progressed into a huge wall of sound. It’s almost as if the drums have commandeered your heartbeat for the moment. At one point, the lights go dark, and the cast begin using lighters as “instruments.” The combination of light and rhythm is jaw dropping, so much so, that the crowd can’t help but exclaim how talented this crew is. 

Truth be told, it’s clear that this crew is so much more then great drummers…they are agile, charismatic, creative, and engaging people.

Throughout the show, the percussionists use inflatable tubes, trash cans, match boxes, and lighters…and you can’t help imagine the cast walking through the grocery store, randomly beating on a shopping cart and thinking, “This would be awesome in our show!”

It’s pretty incredible the way they all start in rhythm with one another as they proceed to toss their “instruments” around from person to person, staying perfectly in tempo.

On numerous occasions, the audience kept to their feet to show adoration to the cast. 

It’s not often that you see something of this nature. STOMP is never forceful in how it engages the audience. Rather, they very cleverly win the hearts of their viewers in a way that seems both genuine and organic. You can’t help but like them. And, though your percussion talent might be lacking, you can’t wait to clap along with them. | Dustin Keele

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