Mythbusters Live: Adam and Jaime Unleashed | 04.18.15

Mythbusters 75Appearing in a series of superhero t-shirts, Hymneman demonstrated the strength of… phone books.

Mythbusters 500

The Fox Theatre, St. Louis

For 12 seasons, Adam Savage and Jaime Hymneman have been debunking myths and blowing things into bits on Mythbusters; now the destructive duo has brought its show to the live stage. Dubbing the tour “Adam and Jaime Unleashed,” they delivered scientific folly and education to the crowd.

Playing to a three-quarters–full house, the pair made the audience a part of the show. Under certain seats waivers had been placed (or you could get one from the lobby), and if you were chosen, you joined the pair onstage to be part of the experiment. Unfortunately, they are very limited as to what they can actually do on a stage as opposed to the set of their show. Still, the show was fun and exciting, jammed with scientific explanations and demonstrations. There was actually very little “myth-busting,” per se, but more a series of scientific displays and experiments.

Appearing in a series of superhero t-shirts, Hymneman demonstrated the strength of… phone books. That’s right: phone books! Savage hoisted Hymneman into the air on a rope attached to two phone books taped together. How they held him up is still a mystery, especially after Hymneman simply flung the books and they came apart.

The two showed their comedic sides on stage, even going so far as to don Star Wars costumes. Savage was featured as Han Solo and Hymneman was Obi Wan Kenobi, along with two stagehands, one a Stormtrooper and the other Darth Vader. The kids, as well as most adults, were quite entertained, especially those invited on stage.

Then it was time for fun with the high-speed camera. Event-goers were invited on stage, signed waiver in hand, to make funny faces into the camera. Then the footage was played back at slow speed, making for a quite hysterical result.

Rounding out the show was footage from the infamous Mythbusters set, as Savage and Hymneman took us on a solo tour of their favorite parts of the TV show’s wheelhouse. Coupled with a montage of their favorite explosions, the display was well-rounded and fun.

Whether or not one understood the scientific jargon, the entertainment was enough to make the live show worth seeing. May we have 12 more seasons of mythbusting, and another tour to wow audiences. | Marc Farr

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