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Men-are-from-Mars 75Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Live! was an excellent and hilarious show that could almost act as couple’s therapy.




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Martians and Venusians have been strikingly different since the beginning of time—that is, men and women. These differences in the way we think and behave show up in life every day. But thankfully, one show can explain the reasons behind it all.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Live! is adapted from the best-selling 1992 book by John Gray of the same title. The nonfiction book discusses the challenges of relationships and how to successfully navigate them. The show does the same thing, but with a more personal touch. This one-man comedy show starring Peter Story made its way to Peabody Opera House on the evening of Friday, May 17. There’s no acting and no gimmicks—just a genuine guy telling many stories of his relationship with his wife that anyone can relate to. Story manages to tie all of his personal relationship adventures to parts of Gray’s book to show the audience that men and women really are inherently different.

Story stresses the largest take-away message from the show many times: in relationships, men need trust and approval while women need attention and understanding. The show is quite raunchy at times, and definitely for adults. The great thing about it is the range of adults that will enjoy this show could be anywhere from ages 16 to 100. There’s something in it that everyone can relate to, whether it’s the bits about love, sex, marriage, or friendship.

Story himself is an entertaining guy. He has a gift of knowing how to engage the audience throughout the entire performance—a tough feat for a one-man show. His comedy and enthusiasm never wavers, and his personal tales are easy to relate to for anyone in the audience. This show is packed with hilarious moments. What makes these moments so funny is the absolute truth behind them. Story doesn’t stray away from acknowledging the cold hard truth about relationships—the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. The audience members were constantly laughing because they’ve all shared similar experiences to Story.

Something that sets this show apart from others is its science-based facts. The parts of the show that connect to Gray’s book are all about the biology and psychology behind male and female perspectives on relationships. The audience sees the differences happening in the bodies and the brains of men and women, showing that many thoughts and behaviors are out of a person’s control and instead are based on sex and gender.

The only fault the show has is that it’s only based on heterosexual relationships, since it’s dealing with the differences of men and women. It would have been nice to see the way relationship problems and solutions panned out for all types of couples. Also, with how much Story talked about his wife Megan, it would have been nice to at least see what she looks like to put a face to the name.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Live! was an excellent and hilarious show that could almost act as couple’s therapy. This show is certainly more enjoyable if you are in a relationship of some sort, whether dating, engaged, or married, but there is humor in it for any adult. It is interesting to see what is really happening in the brains of men and women when we love and fight. This show perfectly explains that in a very personal way. | Emily Van de Riet

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