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Mama Mia 75It’s certainly worth seeing at least once!





I’ve been humming “Honey, Honey” all morning, and I’m sure as the day goes on I’ll find myself doing the same with several other Mamma Mia standouts. I fully expect the music from this show to be stuck in my head for days, and I can’t say I mind that one bit. Based on the songs of ABBA, Mamma Mia’s musical numbers are the reason to see this show.

Mamma Mia’s quirky plot is pretty simple. Donna (Erin Fish) runs a small hotel on a Greek island where she has raised her daughter, Sophie (Kyra Belle Johnson), all by herself.  She’s never really offered Sophie any information about her father, but as Sophie’s wedding approaches, the 20-year-old decides to do a little snooping in Mom’s diary for answers. As she reads through details of her mom’s wild and crazy escapades, she realizes there are three men who could be her father—Harry Bright (Andrew Tebo), Bill Austin (Ryan M. Hunt), or Sam Carmichael (Chad W. Fornwalt)—and she quickly sends out a wedding invitation to each. She hopes to solve the mystery in time to have one of them walk her down the aisle. But does she tell her mom anything about her little scheme? Not a chance! Imagine Donna’s confusion when she runs into three of her old flames the day before her daughter’s wedding!

This production is essentially a glorified ABBA tribute concert. It’s song after song after song with only the slightest amount of dialogue in between to progress the plot. If you attend and are not at all familiar with the music, I suspect you may leave the show a bit frustrated, but for those who grew up with this music, each number will be more exciting than the last as your favorites are belted from the stage.

Erin Fish is an absolute star as Donna, her powerful performance of “The Winner Takes It All” being her most shining moment of all. Donna’s two best gal pals, Tanya (Laura Michelle Hughes) and Rosie (Sarah Smith), fly in for the wedding, and they are perfectly hilarious! Their scenes were some of my favorites.

Although the set design for this show is nothing special, the audio was absolutely impeccable, as was the choreography and costuming. Overall, this show didn’t blow me away, but, as I said, it’s worth seeing for the music alone. As of this past summer, Mamma Mia has been seen by 54 million people worldwide, and seats are clearly not going to stop filling any time soon. It’s certainly worth seeing at least once! | Megan Washausen

Mamma Mia is running at The Fabulous Fox for one weekend only. The show runs through Nov. 6. For ticket information, visit

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