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Disenchanted is devilishly delightful!

The internet is full of memes, gifs, and videos that poke fun at Disney’s absurdly proportioned princesses and their somewhat unsettling happily ever afters. Even those who adore the fairy tales as Disney told them can’t help but laugh because let’s be honest: These spoofs tend to make some very valid points! (There were no other girls in the kingdom who shared Cinderella’s shoe size?! Really?)

Disenchanted is essentially a compilation of every snarky observation that’s ever been made about the classic Disney princesses—set to music. Snow White (Madison Tinder), Sleeping Beauty (Daniella Richards), Cinderella (Madison Hayes-Crook), and friends can’t contain themselves a moment longer—they want people to know the truth about their so-called happy endings. Let’s just say, they’re not exactly pleased with how they’ve been portrayed, so they team up to put on a tell-all variety show that’s as silly (and hilarious) as it sounds.

One by one, princesses take to the stage to sing their piece. Part of the fun is not knowing who you’ll hear from next, so I won’t reveal all the characters. But I can promise that you’ll hear from The Little Mermaid’s Ariel (Miriam Drysdale) and Aladdin‘s Princess Jasmine (Ann Paula Bautista), the latter of whom ties with one of the mystery guests for coolest costume! And of course, what kind of musical would this be without a few, flashy group numbers!

Before I write another word, it’s definitely important to note that when I say this show is perfect for a fun night out, I don’t mean family-fun. Call a sitter for the kids because Disenchanted’s adult humor is definitely not meant for them.

Dennis T. Giacino was definitely on his A-game when we created the book, music, and lyrics for this show. There are quick quips tucked into nearly every minute of the production, requiring audience members to remain alert even as they’re laughing, lest they miss the next joke. In some instances, comedic gems were lost in the rapid delivery of lyrics or drowned out due to the volume of the music. (Read this as: You should definitely plan to see this show twice so that you can catch every bit of Giacino’s brilliance!)

Although it’s Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty who are running this variety show, Miriam Drysdale, who plays Ariel as well as two other characters, is the show’s shining star. Her singing was sensational and her character portrayals made me laugh myself into a state of tears!

There’s always something satisfying about hearing the “other side of the story” isn’t there? Disenchanted is devilishly delightful and watching it is a surefire way to de-stress after a long day! | Megan Washausen

Disenchanted runs through March 5. For more information, visit http://www.westportstl.com/play/playhouse.   



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