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theat beauty-beast_75The Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis


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The award-winning Broadway musical Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will be opening its first of seven performances at The Fox Theatre on December 20. This is a special run of this highly touted production, as the original creators are all back together, including director Rob Roth and choreographer Matt West. The performance also features the Academy Award-winning score from the Disney animated film with music by Alan Menken.

There have been many incarnations of Beauty and the Beast through the years, from the television series to countless books, over half a dozen films, and an original Disney stage run of over 5,000 performances. The roots of this fairytale go way back to its first publication, with origins inFrance from the late 16th century. The timeless appeal of the story is just as strong today.

The essential foundation of the tale has remained largely unchanged. The story is of Belle, the young, pretty girl from the nearby town, and of the Beast, a young prince trapped in a spell by an evil enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love, then his spell will be broken; if not, he will be doomed forever. The colorful story comes to life with memorable sidekicks such as the teapot, the feather duster, and the wardrobe.

The Fox Theatre will be hosting Beauty and the Beast, a timeless tale that has played to over 35 million people in 13 countries. The production features lead performances by Dane Agostinis (the Beast) and Emily Behny (Belle). The big-budget stage production is expected to be elaborate with expansive wardrobes, lighting, and pyrotechnics. | Chris Sewell

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