Pauly Shore | 2.23.11

“Yeah, it’s cool not to be recognized. It let me do what I think I do best, which is fuck with people, you know?”

Pauly Shore has been around for decades—writing and performing his own material since he was a teenager, reaching the height of his career in his mid-twenties, honing his “Weasel” character in movies such as Encino Man, Son in Law and Bio-Dome.  
He is not ashamed of the way he lives; fun and outrageousness have always been in the forefront of Shore’s life, he’s made sure of that. Not everyone wants to put down roots and start a family. Adopted, the new feature film he wrote, directed and starred in, was filmed entirely in South Africa and hints at his inability to be a father. During the opening monologue of the film, he mentions that “most guys my age are married with children, but not me, I’m still playing with the little babies!” (as the camera zooms in on the huge boobs of beautiful blonde). Shore also continues to make web videos and perform stand-up comedy at a relentless pace.
Our phone conversation started with me trying to ask my first question three separate times. First, he interjected wanting to know what format the interview would be in. My second attempt, he apologized that he had to go close his door. Okay. Two minutes later he came back and I started again, only getting in about three words of my question out before he had to get up for a fork. Shore’s signature spastic energy continued throughout the interview.
You have a new movie out, Adopted. It has lots of hilarious, awkward moments and you get a lot of “what the fuck” looks directed towards you.
PS: You saw it? Oh wow, cool. Yeah, it’s cool not to be recognized. It let me do what I think I do best, which is fuck with people, you know? It was nice to be on the streets and have people not know who I am.
You’ve had a lot of web videos popping up recently. Do you find that technology helps your creativity, knowing that there’s always a place to put your comedy?
PS: I think it helps everyone. Look at Justin Bieber, dude, it’s like, fuck! It’s the way it is now. You can’t sell shows in days based on a piece of paper, unless you’re Spielberg or have been in the business for 20 million years and have hits after hits. These days you can do a cool video; if it’s done properly people can see it and you can get some enthusiasm that way.
You don’t think Justin Bieber would have been a star if it weren’t for the internet?
PS: I don’t know. Timing is everything. When I first came out, MTV was in a different place and everything was different. It was like a breath of fresh air when I came out; when I did Totally Pauly back in the day.
Born to be a Star is coming out soon. Have you ever worked with Adam Sandler or Allen Covert before?
PS: I don’t know—I’ve been friends with those guys for awhile. I don’t know if I’ve ever done anything with them before. It should be funny.
What about Nick Swardson? How was it working with him?
PS: He’s awesome. It’s his time now, you know? Sandler groomed him. He’s a very likeable guy, very funny guy, very endearing.
Are there other people you’re planning to work with? People you’ve always wanted to work with or haven’t had a chance to work with?
PS: Well, the new show I did in Vegas is pretty cool. I did a Vegas special called Vegas is my Oyster. It’s like a variety show we shot during porno weekend. We shot at The Palms and it’s—what’s the word? It’s outrageous. It’s got myself and Andy Dick in it, and Tom Green and Bobby Lee and all that shit, porno star Bree Olsen and Michelle Bombshell, this band called Semi-Precious Weapons. That’s something I produced and directed and put together myself.
You recently finished a comedy tour in Australia and New Zealand. Do you ever change your routine when overseas?
PS: No, not at all. They’re there to see me, so, the more fucked up I am the better.
You’re going to be in St. Louis next week.
PS: I’m gonna be there! It’s NACA week, you know the NACA convention?
What’s that?
PS: NACA’s all the college buyers, for people that buy acts for their college. So I’ll be there that week and I’ll also be performing on Wednesday.
What can St. Louis expect from you at the show?
PS: Someone said that my stuff is like “Pauly Shore stripped down.” Kind of more laid back, a little crustier, you know? Not as high strung, more kind of at ease, in the pocket, rather than in your face.
Do you have a personal favorite movie from when you portrayed “The Weasel” persona?
PS: When I was doing The Weez? I loved Bio-Dome. Bio-Dome was cool because I didn’t give a fuck, it was like, I just went crazy. It was after Dumb and Dumber, and I just wanted to do a movie where I was just the biggest idiot, you know what I mean?
Did you come up with The Sherman Tank?
PS: Mm hm. That’s what was cool. Once they started rolling the cameras you could do what you want. Tell everyone to come see me; I’ll be there a week from Wednesday. . . I’ll be at the merchandise table. You’ll have to come see me and my friend Sandy. Sandy’s a really cool guy. He looks like a small version of Ron Jeremy’s kid.
Anatomically correct?
PS: Yeah, you’ll love him. | Alex Schreiber
Pauly Shore performs two shows at 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. at The Old Rock House, Wednesday, February 23. Tickets are $30, for more information visit

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