Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

We made mistakes together and had successes together, and now we get to hang out together.

Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes got old. So did their fans. I believe my friends and I belong to one of their main demographics, in that we watched Clerks when we were their age. We saw a movie that showed how we speak and how we approached our jobs and friends and life. We had moments of deep insecurities flanked by ridiculous optimism, just like the crew at the Quick Stop.

We got married about the same time as Smith did, and had a kid or two. We had friends who lost themselves in addiction, or got lost ourselves, and then found our way to sobriety, like Mewes (over six years now!). We made mistakes together and had successes together, and now we get to hang out together and listen to Jay and Silent Bob talk about their lives.

As a writer, I’m completely obsessed with Kevin Smith. Creativity seems to pour out of him, and I hope he talks about what that’s like. No one on the planet can make me laugh like Jason Mewes can, and I am ready to be offended and delighted by him in equal measure. I’m attending the 4/20 show (wooo!) so I’m hoping to hear a lot of weed jokes and stories, and lose myself in the experience of sitting down with these guys I’ve known since my freshman year in college. We go way back. Because we’re all old now. But the alternative to being old sucks, so let’s celebrate it by getting silly with our old friends. Snoochie boochies! | Melissa Cynova

Jay and Silent Bob will be making two stops in Hollywood and St. Louis.

03.31 | Hollywood Improv, Hollywood
04.19-20 | The Pageant, St. Louis
04.28 | Hollywood Improv, Hollywood

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