Bethany Straker | Why Am I Scared of Everything?

Why-am-I-scared-of-everything 75_2It is a reminder you are not the only person on Earth with an anxiety disorder.

Why Am I Scared of Everything is a refreshing take on anxiety. Written in a diary format, the book gives a first hand account of the thoughts that go through our minds when we’re anxious. Each page consists of a diary entry covering a different fear, followed by an inspirational quote to combat the fear.

The inclusion of the inspirational quotes is what really holds this book together. The diary entries are funny, but without the quotes to combat them the book would feel very pessimistic. However, I do very much enjoy the way each fear is written in an extreme, comical manner. This helps me to laugh at myself when the main character’s fears are more blown out of proportion than my own.

If you’re not a big reader, don’t stress because this is an extremely quick read—takes less than an hour to read the entire thing straight through.

The illustrations, also done by Straker, are phenomenal. Her drawings capture all the feeling and emotion that her words describe. This is a picture book for adults! It is absolutely fantastic.

The main character is 29—very relatable to anyone in their early 20s to mid or late 30s. This is also a book that you can revisit at different points in your life because there are so many different topics. For example, Straker discusses fears of moving back in with your parents, getting a new job, sex, flying, and getting sick. With so many topics, you are bound to find something you relate to. Maybe a few years will pass, you’ll move, and a new period of anxiety will have you pulling this book back out.  

If you think you have an irrational fear, or suffer from any kind of anxiety disorder, read this book! As someone who has always been self-conscious of my anxiety, I feel a million times better after reading this book. First, it is a reminder you are not the only person on Earth with an anxiety disorder. Second, it helps you to laugh at many of your thoughts and see how ridiculous and irrational thoughts can be. Third, the inspirational quotes at the bottom of each page offer a new perspective.  | Samantha LaBat

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