On Tour: Joywave

February 29, 2016 0

You’ll find a way, physics be damned, to physically kick yourself in the head if you miss one of the best concerts of the year.

On Tour: Logic

February 16, 2016 0

Logic’s latest album illustrates how detail-oriented he is when it comes to his craft.

El Monstero | 12.18.15

December 22, 2015 0

The band delivers the majority of Pink Floyd’s better known work, as well as some heavy fan faves.

Big Freedia | 11.13.15

November 20, 2015 0

When Big Freedia shines on stage—literally, with the flash of her sequined, silver sparkly nails—she lights up the entire venue with her enthusiasm and energy.

Ben Folds + yMusic | 11.17.15

November 19, 2015 0

Always a consummate performer, sometimes serious, but often cloaked in various grades of aloofness and smart-assery, this time Folds looked, sang, and acted as if he’d had a revelation.

Johnny Rivers | 11.07.15

November 13, 2015 0

His acoustic version of “House of the Rising Sun” was reimagined as a meditation of lost youth that featured the evening’s most intimate vocal.

Chance the Rapper | 10.13.15

October 20, 2015 0

For this near-spiritual journey, he asked the crowd to grab the energy from their neighbor and let it transform them.

Ghost | 10.06.15

October 12, 2015 0

The satanic band blends intricate riffs and searing, church-like keyboards with a baroque rhythm section with vocal melodies that are best described as sublime.

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