Extract (Miramax Films, R)

September 4, 2009 0

Mike Judge skillfully mines his specialty here, making you hate stupid people and hate your stupid job.  

Lorna’s Silence (Sony Pictures Classics, R)

September 4, 2009 0

The film is a thriller for grown-ups in which the interest lies primarily in the way the characters react to situations and how they deal with the consequences of their choices.  

District 9 (TriStar Pictures, R)

August 14, 2009 0

The genius of District 9 (and that is the only word that can be used to describe writer/director Neill Blomkamp’s perfect film) is how it chooses to tell the story.  

Funny People (Universal Pictures, R)

July 31, 2009 0

It is an incredibly moving relationship to watch develop as the two men move further away from the teacher-student dynamic and closer to being equals.  

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