Ha Ha Tonka | 11.09.10

November 12, 2010 0

I get the sense that a rogue pigeon attack during their set would have been played for laughs, not an excuse to bail out on the show.

Rocky Votolato | 10.15.07

October 21, 2007 0

"I’m just gonna do a couple quiet ones by myself," he said almost sheepishly, "Is that OK with everybody?" 

Bobby Bare Jr. | 06.11.07

June 18, 2007 0

Bobby Bare Jr. is like a coffee table with one short leg. He's completely unstable and he rocks.          

Brian Capps and the True Liars | 06.02.07

June 4, 2007 0

One highlight was Capps' signature cover of "Walk the Line," which fans of his shows are certainly familiar with. But this time, upon completing the song, Capps exclaimed, "Okay, now let's turn the record over," […]

Two Cow Garage & Grand Champeen | 05.19.07

May 24, 2007 0

While still ear-splittingly loud, and while sharing a similar punk-rock ethos, Two Cow Garage's set had more space in it than Grand Champeen's, both between songs, as they frequently paused to drink or relight their […]

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