Rude Chapbooks 03.19.12 | Saga’s a Gas!

March 19, 2012 0

In Saga #1 (recommended, BTW), one character frets about defecating on another—and if that doesn’t draw coprophiliac eyeballs to this column in droves, what good is SEO, for pity’s sake? Also reviewed: Fantastic Four #604 […]

Rude Chapbooks 08.15.11 | Cloak and Dagger: Ayes Only

August 15, 2011 0

This week, our cranky columnist opens an unexpectedly favorable dossier on Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #1, a sweet little romance masquerading as spandex shenanigans. He likewise lauds Hellboy: The Fury #3 and reviews three other […]

Rude Chapbooks 05.23.11 | Recalling a Fallen Titan

May 23, 2011 0

The praiseworthy Rocketeer Adventures #1 pays tribute to the late, great Dave Stevens, who died much, much too young. Also reviewed and (holy guacamole!) recommended this week: The Amazing Spider-Man #661, Herc #3, Science Dog […]

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