Rude Chapbooks 06.04.12 | Mercurial Mediocrity

June 4, 2012 0

With its focus on Mr. Freeze, the latest iteration of Batman Annual #1 leaves our reviewer cold, but happily enough, he’s got the hots for three of the other four floppies analyzed this week: Glamourpuss […]

Rude Chapbooks 03.26.12 | A Martian Marvel

March 26, 2012 0

To true devotees of four-color finery, Ramón Pérez’s luxuriant and rambunctious artwork should commend John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1. Moreover, rivaling it for pleasurability from among this week’s five new floppies is another […]

Image Comics 10.11 | Are You Addicted to Aliens?

August 14, 2011 0

An addiction to alien encounters is the theme behind Shadowline’s new series Xenoholics, cowboy Reed Gunther stars in "Comics For Everyone," and Jay "Dynamo 5" Faerber launches a new crime series called Near Death.