Image Comics 12.11.13 | Father Issues

December 11, 2013 0

First, when the power of Father Christmas is stolen, all must turn to an usual source for help in Krampus #1. Afterwards, Monster Girl has to deal with her failure as a father in Invincible […]

Image Comics 09.04.13 | Dynamic Entrance!

September 3, 2013 0

First, it’s a new day dawning for everyone’s favorite superhero in Invincible #1. Then, the Guardians of the Globe take on North Korea in Invincible Universe #6. Finally, a struggling comic artist receives the shock […]

Image Comics 06.19.13 | All Too Human

June 18, 2013 0

First, Angstrom Levy returns in Invincible #103. Then, much power can one woman hold before the world says “enough” in Mara #5? It Girl face-to-face with an ancient evil, one now wielding unlimited power thanks to the […]

Image Comics 05.01.13 | When Things Go Bad

April 30, 2013 0

First, the brothers G-Man and Great Man have finally returned from their Cape Crisis adventure, only to discover that not everybody is happy that they’re back in G-Man Vol. 3 TP. Then, Cecil Steadman’s bargain […]

Image Comics 01.30.13 | When Heroes Fall

January 29, 2013 0

Glory and her allies face inevitable death. With only hours left to live, everyone’s final moments are revealed in Glory #32. Then it’s the conclusion to the milestone storyarc, THE DEATH OF EVERYONE in Invincible […]

Image Comics 01.02.13 | Dark Powers

January 1, 2013 0

First, Jackie Estacado has made a lot of enemies, but he has no idea how powerful the gangster Balakov has become in Darkness #109. Then, Felicia receives a visit from a mysterious stranger who knows […]

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