Marvel Comics 04.16.08 | Divided We Stand

March 27, 2008 0

Storm and co. enter a new era for mutantkind in X-Men: Divided We Stand Book 1, Act Three of "The Death of Captain America" kicks off in Captain America #37, Johnny Blaze has "Hell To […]

Joe Quesada on the Colbert Report

January 28, 2008 0

The Marvel Comics editor-in-chief checks in with America’s champion of Truthiness, Justice, and the American Way to reveal the secrets of the new Captain America, making his debut in comic shops the following day.

Marvel Comics 10.17.07 | Marvel Zombies return!

September 27, 2007 0

One of the most anticipated comics sequels this year, the horror hit Marvel Zombies II #1 hits stands just in time for Halloween! Plus, a heap of 5-page previews: Hellcat takes centerstage in Marvel Comics Presents #2, it’s […]

Marvel Comics 06.20.07 | X-Men turns 200

May 31, 2007 0

It's a landmark issue with X-Men #200, and you better not miss the party, mon cheri, cuz Gambit is back! Meanwhile, it's the death of a merry mutant in X-Men: Endangered Species, the Winter Soldier […]

Marvel Comics 5.23 | Spidey vs. Sandman, and more

May 4, 2007 0

Spidey takes on Sandman in his new movie and in the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual? Whodathunkit? Plus, Cap's autopsy in Captain America #26, kid friendly tales of the Golden Avenger in Marvel Adventures Iron Man […]

What’s so Civil ’bout War anyway?

March 9, 2007 0

With Marvel's controversial, universe-spanning event finally wrapped up, we take a spoiler-packed look at what worked, what didn't and whether the MU is better or worse off after surviving Civil War.

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