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Marvel Comics 10.24.07 | Moon Knight works for The Man

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mk.jpgMarc Spector signs up for The Initiative in the extra-large Moon Knight #13, and the FF kick off the new storyline "Ghosts" by taking on Russia's finest in Ultimate Fantastic Four #47.



Moon Knight Joins The Initiative!

He's fought against the system, but now Moon Knight joins The Initiative in the special double-sized Moon Knight #13, by acclaimed novelist Charlie Huston and special guest artist Tomm Coker! After Iron Man makes him an offer he can't refuse, Marc Spector decides to work with the government and he'll do whatever it takes to get his registration card. But when he's forced to undergo a revealing psychiatric evaluation, is there any way that anyone could find Moon Knight to be sane and fit for duty? Meanwhile, those whose lives have been touched during Charlie Huston's acclaimed first year on Moon Knight evaluate their lives and set themselves down new paths, leading to a fiery conclusion!


"[Huston's] dialogue and pacing mixes very well with the Moon Knight mythos," exclaimed Jason Zwiker of "He can even wax eloquent on the madness and mayhem and give it a few kicks (right in the ribs, maybe breaking a few in the process) of slapstick."


Packed with extra pages of story, Moon Knight #13 delves deep into the mind of Moon Knight, setting the stage for incoming writer Mike Benson's (of HBO's Entourage and Punisher MAX Annual fame) thrilling new direction for the series! How far will Moon Knight go to gain government clearance to fight crime? Find out in Moon Knight #13!



MOON KNIGHT #13 (JUL072180)


Pencils & Cover by TOMM COKER

Parental Advisory ...$3.99

FOC-10/4/07, 10/24/07

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Are The Ultimate Fantastic Four Afraid of Ghosts?


Sue Storm's jet crashes in the frozen wastelands of Siberia in Ultimate Fantastic Four #47, kicking off Ghosts, a brand new three-part story arc by acclaimed writer Mike Carey (X-Men) and fan-favorite penciler Mark Brooks (Ultimate Spider-Man Annuals). Featuring the Ultimate introduction of some of Marvel's most notorious Russian characters, including: the Red Ghost, an all-new Crimson Dynamo, and Soviet Super Soldiers, this exciting new chapter in Ultimate FF history is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Find out why Ultimate Fantastic Four was nominated by Spike TV for their Scream Awards as "Best Comic Book!"


But is something -- or someone -- forcing a secluded Reed Richards to completely immerse himself in his work on the Cosmic Cube, or has his passion for exploration and understanding finally become an obsession?  One thing is for sure, with Reed locked in his lab, there may be no one to rescue Sue!


Also, don't miss Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 4 Hardcover, collecting Ultimate Fantastic Four #33-41, Annual 2, Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men, Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four. This fall, in Ultimate Fantastic Four #47, the Ultimate Fantastic Four may meet their Ultimate Challenge...and no one walks away the same!





Written by MIKE CAREY

Pencils & Cover by MARK BROOKS

Rated A ...$2.99

FOC-10/04/07, On-Sale-10/24/07


Written by MIKE CAREY




Rated A ...$29.99

ISBN: 978-0-7851-2872-4

FOC-10/11/07, On-Sale-11/14/07


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