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Marvel Comics 07.11-18.07 | Annihilation: Conquest

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wraithThe next leg of Marvel's cosmic crossover kicks off in Nova #4, Annihilation: Conquest - The Wraith #1, and Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #1.





Nova #3 Rockets To A Sell Out!


Marvel is pleased to announce that Nova #3 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at the retail level), marking the third straight sell-out from this brand new series! With ties to both the wildly popular Initiative storyline and the acclaimed sci-fi epic Annihilation, Nova tells the story of the galaxy's remaining member of the Nova Corp-Richard Rider-a young Earthman sworn to protect the universe with his incredible power. In the first three issues of the acclaimed series, Nova confronted Iron Man, fought the Thunderbolts and dealt with personal fallout from Civil War. So what's next?


"Wow, that is great news, we'd really like to thank all the fans who are sticking with us for the thrill ride that is NOVA!" said writers DnA. "And to those who haven't joined the fun yet, what's keeping you? You've already missed out on alien battles with bugs from space, confrontations with Iron Man, a toe-to-toe slugfest with the Thunderbolts, plus all the fallout from the demise of the New Warriors and the rise of the Initiative!!"


"A tip of the Nova helmet to all the readers who have joined us on the ride so far," added editor Bill Rosemann. "Writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning, penciler Sean Chen, inker Scott Hanna, colorists Guru eFX, letterer Cory Petit and cover artist Adi Granov have fused together into the galaxy's most powerful creative team - and just wait until you see the awesomeness that they'll unleash as Rich rockets into Annihilation: Conquest! Just who is the woman shown in the preview art? Find out in Nova #4...that is, before it sells out!"


As Nova returns to space, joining other heroes in the hotly anticipated Annihilation: Conquest, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Nova. It's the book that caused Blake M Petit of to declare, "I've enjoyed every page of this book so far, and I can't wait to follow the man called Nova into Annihilation: Conquest."


Please note that at this time, Marvel has no plans to go back to press on Nova #3.


NOVA #4 (MAY072105)




Rated T+ ...$2.99

FOC-6/21/07, On-Sale-7/11/07


Marvel Introduces Wraith, The Gothic Gunslinger!


Annihilation: Conquest brings an enigmatic new player to the event as writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Annihilation: Super-Skrull, TV's Lost and Medium) and Kyle Hotz (The Hood, Zombie) introduce the enigmatic Wraith.  But who is Wraith? What are his powers? And just what's his stake in this sci-fi war? The answers come in Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith #1 (of 4), kicking off a brand new limited series exploring who the dark warrior is, and where he fits both with the Annihilation universe and with Marvel's galactic heroes.


"Creating a brand new character for the Marvel universe has been an awesome responsibility," said Grillo-Marxuach. "I hope that when readers pick up Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith, they feel that this addition to the House of Ideas, not only embodies the ideals of the classic Marvel cosmic characters, but also takes it to the next level of action and adventure."


Annihilation: Conquest Editor Bill Rosemann explained "The first Annihilation event asked: What would Marvel's sci-fi heroes do in the face of an invading army? Annihilation: Conquest asks: What will they do once they're taken over? When your land is conquered, do you surrender or do you fight for freedom? That question is at the heart of Wraith's story - and if you're more interested in action, just wait until you see him cut loose!"


After the chilling events of Annihilation: Conquest Prologue, the universe is a dark and dangerous place -- and Wraith is custom made to blaze a path of vengeance through it! But what is his agenda, and can even he survive the evil forces now unleashed upon the Kree Empire? Find out this summer in Annihilation: Conquest -Wraith #1!






Rated T+ ...$2.99




Quasar's Quest: End The Conquest!


Launched by the Prologue that calls a "Must Read," summer's biggest sci-fi epic, Annihilation: Conquest, continues with the pulse-pounding Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #1 (of 4), as Phyla-Vell-- the daughter of Captain Marvel--takes center stage. Written by Christos Gage (Wizard Magazine's "2007 Writer to Watch") and penciled by Mike Lilley (Vampirella), this four-issue limited series follows the quest of Phyla and her companion, the former Avenger known as Moondragon, to obtain the mysterious key to halting the seemingly unstoppable conquest of the universe. Having recently gained the Quantum Bands, but still struggling to master their incredible power, Quasar desperately races across the now-occupied Kree Empire...with a deadly foe (familiar to Avengers fans) hot on her trail!


"Dark sci-fi and epic fantasy collide head-on in Quasar #1," says Gage, "but what makes it resonate with me is that there's a compelling character story at the heart of it all.  The new Quasar must live up to two heroic legacies -- both Wendell Vaughn, who wore the Quantum Bands before her, and her father, Captain Marvel, are legends throughout the galaxy.  It's my hope that not only will fans of cosmic action enjoy this book, but that anyone who likes heroic fiction of any type, from ‘Lord Of The Rings' to ‘Star Wars' will get caught up in the quest as well."


"Christos Gage knows how to deliver character-driven action, Mike Lily excels in dynamic and lush visuals, and cover artist Matt Wilson is one of the gaming world's top talents," says editor Bill Rosemann. "Add it all up and you have an intense adventure that mixes all the things we love about fantasy and sci-fi into an epic at the heart of Annihilation: Conquest."


Phyla-Vell struggles to accept her new powers and the weight of her legacy, can she find a way to save the universe...or will she too be crushed by the new enemies revealed in Annihilation: Conquest-- Prologue?




Penciled by MIKE LILLY


Rated T+ ...$2.99

FOC-6/28/07, On-Sale-7/18/07






Rated T+ ...$3.99

On Sale Now!


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Marvel Comics is a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., a leading global character-based entertainment company that has developed and owns a library of more than 5,000 characters, which have entertained generations around the world for over 60 years.  Marvel's operations are focused in entertainment and consumer product licensing and comic book publishing.  Marvel Studios supports the development of feature films, DVD/video products and TV series.  Marvel's creative team also supports the development of video games and toy lines based on its characters as well as for a broad and growing range of consumer products and services including apparel, collectibles, foods and promotions.  Marvel's comic book division is a leading publisher in the global marketplace while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property.  Marvel's Toy Biz division is a recognized creative force and leader in toy design, sales and marketing, developing and overseeing both licensee and in-house toy lines.  For additional information visit



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