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Image Comics 11.28.12 | White Dyed Red

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chew30 headerA recovering psychopath tries to find a way to put his unique skills to use in Bedlam #2. Then it’s a wedding that could prove more than everyone can swallow in Chew #30. Secrets are revealed and new mysteries are born, as a Femme Fatale star goes from victim to hero in Fatale #10. Finally, trapped in Cairo, MacGyver and Kari race against the clock to find a traitor in MacGYVER: Fugitive Gauntlet #2.



Bedlam #2

"Swing Low."

Price: $3.50

Diamond ID: SEP120488

On Sale: November 28, 2012

bedlam02 covera

bedlam02 coverb

bedlam02 p1

bedlam02 p2

bedlam02 p3

bedlam02 p4

bedlam02 p5

bedlam02 p6



Chew #30

"SPACE CAKES," Conclusion The bonus-sized wedding issue, CHEW's half-way point, and the issue that is gonna take EVERYBODY by surprise. Sure, it's a terrible jumping-on point for new readers, but did we mention the FREE TRI-FOLD POSTER COVER, at no extra cost?

Price: $2.99

Diamond ID: AUG120504

On Sale: November 28, 2012

chew30 cover

chew30 p1

chew30 p2

chew30 p3

chew30 p4



Fatale #10

FATALE's second arc comes to its brutal conclusion! Secrets are revealed and new mysteries are born, as our Femme Fatale star goes from victim to hero! And remember each issue of FATALE contains extra content, articles and artwork that are not available anywhere but the printed single issues.

Price: $3.50

Diamond ID: AUG120510

On Sale: November 28, 2012

fatale10 cover

fatale10 p1

fatale10 p2

fatale10 p3

fatale10 p4

fatale10 p5



MacGYVER: Fugitive Gauntlet #2 (of 5)

The new comic series continues, co-written by MacGyver creator Lee David Zlotoff! Trapped in Cairo and hunted by both Chinese Intelligence and an army of hitmen for a crime they didn't commit, MacGyver and Kari race against the clock to find a traitor before their time runs out!

Price: $3.50

Diamond ID: SEP120509

On Sale: November 28, 2012

macgyverfug02 cover

macgyverfug02 p1

macgyverfug02 p2

macgyverfug02 p3

macgyverfug02 p4

macgyverfug02 p5

macgyverfug02 p6


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