PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 08.29.08

cicerosAugust 29: PLAYBACK:stl presents Semi Precious Weapons, One Lone Car and The Feed

at CICERO’s | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR | $10 ($13 for minors) | 16+


Semi Precious Weapons | "I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous!" Justin "Precious" Tranter sings tongue-in-cheek in Semi Precious Weapons’ signature song. And during "Magnetic Baby," first single from the band’s full-length debut We Love You (due out next month on Razor & Tie Records), he chides, "It’s not my fault I look better in her party dress." We Love You cements New York’s Semi Precious Weapons as the new heroes of garage glam.

And the heroic Justin is the last great modern rock star, the most lewd showman since Prince was king: a fiercely charismatic six-foot-tall platinum blonde 21st Century Boy morphing of Ziggy and Iggy with a dash of mad stylist and Freddie Mercury on the high notes.

Live, Semi Precious Weapons are in a class of their own, a spectacle of sound and show that, once experienced, will have you clamoring for more. Imagine prime Bowie escaped from the lunatic asylum and parachuted into the middle of an amped-up Led Zeppelin, and you’re getting some of the vibe.

Adding to Justin is one of the tightest rock bands in recent memory: porcupine-fro’d Dan Crean pummeling the drums like he loves ’em and hates ’em; Black Belt bassman Cole Whittle, a tender animal gone wild; and Aaron Lee Tasjan, the elctric hillbilly eccentric guitarist with sweet, sweet backing vocals…and jaw-dropping guitar solos.

Still, it’s hard to tear your eyes from Justin, the ringmaster of this straight-to-the-vein rock ‘n’ roll circus. Clad in some suitably ludicrous Roy Couture creation and six-inch stiletto heels, this provocative young maestro flaunts his cunning lyrics and contagious charisma, te new neon creature of rock ‘n’ roll style with a voice to live for and a heart of gold and jewelry.

One Lone Car |

The Feed |

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