PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 08.26.08

August 26: PLAYBACK:stl presents The Takedown, GoodTime Engineers and Double Vision

at CICERO’s | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR | $5 ($8 for minors) | 16+


The Takedown | Proud sons of St. Louis, The Takedown is a rock ‘n’ roll outfit that brings an eclectic group of influences and styles together to create a sound both familiar and unique. In September ’07, The Takedown released The City Is Screaming, the follow up to their self-prouced and -recorded eponymous debut EP.

GoodTime Engineers | It’s about time we did something so real and so organic that we didn’t have to explain what it is. The music is a rocking, funking explosion complete with blues hooks, jazz chops and soulful melodies. We’re not trying to be anything but a sum of our parts. Hopefully, our music will be the soundtrack to a new generation of rockers, punkers, funksters and soulsters. At the very least, we hope these songs will make you feel the groove.

Double Vision is a mack/hip-hop duo made up of twin brothers named Jarred (Mr. Mackmore) and Jonathan (Mackamillion). The coup formed at birth. They started with the group name Reflection, but later changed it to what is now known as Double Vision. Been rapping since the young age of seven. Although they hail from West L.A., their first influences came from East Coast hip-hop groups such as Gang Starr, Das Effex, Da Youngstas, Onyx and ABC, just to name a few, and of course every rap duo in the game, past and present. Double Vision’s aim is to enlighten all squares and lames about what true hip-hop is, and how a true mack lives.


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