PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 05.31.08

May 31 PLAYBACK:stl presents Tell Tale Heart’s CD release show with Northside’s Sweet Revenge, RadioRadio, The Highway Companion.


at CICERO’s | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR | $8 ($11 for minors) | 16+


The Highway Companion | The Highway Companion formed in early 2008. We are all old friends and knew we wanted to write music. We write on feel and love simplicity. Please enjoy!

RadioRadio (Tulsa) | RadioRadio are an amazingly smart and catchy dance rock band from Tulsa. Like their forbears The Killers and Interpol, RadioRadio craft music that is instantly inviting yet deeper than it seems at first listen, with a live show that is truly engaging and memorable.

Northside’s Sweet Revenge | Northside’s Sweet Revenge is a band with a simple mission: to make music that sticks around for a while. Hailing from St. Louis, Sam Wade, Jimmy Britton and Zack Long are crafting music that never bows to the status quo while keeping their pop sensibility intact. On first listen, it’s impossible not to notice their ability to write a hook that will be in your head for hours after the song is over. If you dig past the melody, you’ll find that the lyrical well runs deep. They are not afraid to explore some of the darker themes of humanity while deciding to package them up in a deceivingly glossy package.

Tell Tale Heart | You know that feeling of release and exhilaration and jubilation you get from shouting your beliefs and hopes and dreams from the top of a cliff into the sunset? The wind lifts your words and carries them, dispersing them, disseminating them so they can grow, thrive, be. That’s the feeling you get while listening to Tell Tale Heart. Their music lifts you, washes over you, enfolds and uplifts you. This is music to shout to the sky to; this is music that says what you’re feeling and makes it so.


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