PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 05.27.08

May 27 PLAYBACK:stl presents Cameron Matthews, Mike Mangione, Walk Sophie.


Tuesdays at CICERO’s | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR | $5 ($8 for minors) | 16+

Join PLAYBACK:stl as we host Tuesday nights at Cicero’s in the Loop of University City here in St. Louis. Each week, we will bring great acts to the cozy room in the club that offers fantastic bands every night. (We highly recommend the pizza.)



Cameron Matthews | Cameron Matthews’ sound projects that of an older time, when music was the pinnacle of experience and art. With roots tied in folk music and ‘60s and ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll, Matthews has created a unique sound, combined with powerful vocals and smart songwriting. In addition to his first album, One, Mathews has written over 150 songs that make his repertoire larger than most. His music is a hit with all age groups and is gaining some well-deserved attention.

Mike Mangione (Chicago) | Fun Facts about Mike Mangione (in no specific order): Born 7/11/79 in Glenview, Ill. He began playing drums at the age of seven. Both Mike and his brother Tom play guitar left handed and upside down. Mike attended Marquette University in Milwaukee WI and received a degree in Urban and Environmental Affairs with Biology and Sociology minors (doesn’t get much use of it now). For a year and a half, Mike toured the country while living in his van with his dog Daisy. Through this experience, Mike learned to play in any environment and Daisy learned how to protect music equipment. Mike is not the son of, nephew of, or grandson of Chuck Mangione. They are related but from a healthy distance. Mike independently released his second album There and Back in 2005. Mike and his brother recorded all of the instrumentation.

Walk Sophie | Walk Sophie was started in the early part of 2005 by Kevin Grosch and Dan Warner. The music started to take off with the addition of Noah Mitchell, and the quartet was completed a little over a year later with the addition of Jasckson Ramsey. Walk Sophie plays acoustic indie rock, mainly on the calm, melodic side. Without bass and sometimes without percussion, Walk Sophie creates a different listening experience than most are used to that is completely enjoyable.


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