PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 05.10.08

May 10 PLAYBACK:stl presents Tell Tale Heart, Loyal Divide, John Boy’s Courage and STRIVE.


Tuesdays at CICERO’s | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR | $5 ($8 for minors) | 16+

Join PLAYBACK:stl as we host Saturday nights at Cicero’s in the Loop of University City here in St. Louis. We will bring great acts to the cozy room in the club that offers fantastic bands every night. (We highly recommend the pizza.)



STRIVE (Chicago) | STRIVE is the new breed of mainstream artist: relentless in its efforts to tour and promote itself, yet accessible enough that people of all ages and walks of life can latch on and claim the band as their own. "People like good music," maintains frontman, pianist and songwriter Derick Thompson. "If the lyrics touch you, it’s less important what sound is the backdrop for it."

John Boy’s Courage | John Boy’s Courage is the musical persona of singer-songwriter Todd Sarvies, and can be represented through a variety of arrangements onstage: solo, duo, trio, even full-on rock band. John Boy’s Courage has, at its heart, emotionally honest adult alternative pop-rock songs; the name pays homage to the strength we all summon in living day-to-day.

Loyal Divide |

Tell Tale Heart | You know that feeling of release and exhilaration and jubilation you get from shouting your beliefs and hopes and dreams from the top of a cliff into the sunset? The wind lifts your words and carries them, dispersing them, disseminating them so they can grow, thrive, be. That’s the feeling you get while listening to Tell Tale Heart. Their music lifts you, washes over you, enfolds and uplifts you. This is music to shout to the sky to; this is music that says what you’re feeling and makes it so.



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