Sugarcult w/Damone | 11.25.06

This is the perfect opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth.


at Mississippi Nights
8 p.m.
| all ages
TIX: $17

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prev_sugarcultUnless you have spent the last few years under a rock, you know that Sugarcult is not a fanatical group dedicated to the consumption of confectionary treats, but a well-known pop punk band. Masters of the three-chord song and recognized for hits such as "Stuck in America" and "Memory," Sugarcult is touring the United States to promote the recent release of their third album, Lights Out.

Composed of members Tim Pagnotta (vocals/guitar), Marko DeSantis (lead guitar), Airin Older (bass/vocals), and Kenny Livingston (drums), Sugarcult has released a new album of typical fare, with catchy chords and a jump-on-the-bed-and-play-air-guitar mentality. However, in delving in, Lights Out is not your typical pop-punk album. Compared with previous Sugarcult releases, the disc has a more serious vibe with deeper lyrical content and heavier guitar chords. The album's 12 tracks—including the first single, "Do It Alone" and standout tracks "Los Angeles" and "Majoring in Minors"—prove that, lyrically, Sugarcult is growing up. "Los Angeles" reflects on the harshness of Hollywood and the desire for something of real substance, while "Out of Phase" talks about the false beliefs of our world, saying, "Love is product and sex is a currency/We're all cheaters and can't win." For a pop-punk album, it is pretty thought provoking. At their show, you can expect these new tracks, along with old favorites from 2001's Start Static and 2004's Palm Trees and Power Lines.

With tour support from some of this summer's favorite breakout artists—such as the Pink Spiders ("Little Razorblade"), Damone ("Out All Night"), and Meg & Dia ("Monsters")—this is the perfect opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth and take in a little Sugarcult. | Katie Herring


prev_damoneCalling Damone survivors would be putting it lightly. They've weathered the typical band issues of losing key members, low sales, and label issues. But not many bands have had members wake up during the reading of their last rites. Such is the story of bassist Vazquez, who passed out on a treadmill earlier this year only to wake two days later from a coma, discovering that he'd been pronounced dead after suffering from a brain hemorrhage. Needless to say, he made a full recovery, and so did his band.

Out Here All Night is a fun romp through the realm of female-fronted power pop with heavy metal leanings. If Vazquez's harrowing experience didn't give him reason to smile, the band's music would do the trick. Lead vocalist Noelle fronts the sonic assault of party rock glory that falls somewhere between Def Leppard, Joan Jett, and Andrew W.K. The band is ballsy, openly admitting to a fondness for Axl Rose. Though some people may not agree with that notion, they'd be hard-pressed to deny a fondness for Damone. | Aaron Brummet

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