SeepeopleS | 04.07.07

ev_seepeoples"Unabashed disdain for the powers that be is a major driving force behind SeepeopleS' music, and the band is consistently upping the ante of their live shows to envelop the audience in scrumptious audio/visual rebellion." —HGMN





CD release show w/Dogtown Allstars
at Cicero's, St. Louis
8:30 p.m., $5
($8 <21) | all ages

It's kind of refreshing to come across a band that thoroughly defies categorization. Asheville, N.C.-based SeepeopleS is a little bit indie, a little bit rock, a little bit pop, a little bit funk.

Still, people demand labels, and so for its MySpace page the band has offered "rock, psychedelic, power pop." I say let's chuck the labels to the wind and just enjoy some good music, shall we?

Tonight SeepeopleS will be celebrating the release of its latest album, Apocalypse Cow. It's a refreshing (if overly long—17 songs is rarely necessary in one serving) listen, especially the almost twee-pop, upbeat title track and the dreamy "Last Sane Man." Your $5 will be well spent tonight, and even leave you change to try one of Cicero's 100 beers on tap. Now that's a night out. | Laura Hamlett

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