PLAYBACK:stl @ Cicero’s | 01.23.07

cicerosJanuary 23:  PLAYBACK:stl presents Theodore, Todd Deathrage, and The Sham




Tuesdays at CICERO's | 8:30 p.m.
6691 DELMAR |  $5 ($8 for minors) | all ages welcome

Join PLAYBACK:stl as we host Tuesday nights at Cicero's in the Loop of University City here in St. Louis. Each week, we will bring three great acts to the cozy room in the club that offers fantastic bands every night. (We highly recommend the pizza.)


Theodore | Theodore is, at present, Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Jason Torbitzky. We're based in St. Louis, Missouri. We play quiet songs quietly, with no amplification (whenever possible) and try to make performances as intimate as they can be. The most casually applicable label for our music is folk, and we try to live up to it in that we play songs about people, for people, and hope that on some level someone takes something from it. God, I hate these things; I wish I could write something here that isn't horribly pretentious or cute or whatever, so I'm sorry. Please just listen to the songs or come see us play, if you can. We just want a chance.

Todd Deatherage (Ann Arbor) | Put through the music industry grinder, what’s a country boy to do? Dallas native Todd Deatherage, relocated to New York City before settling in Ann Arbor, has been on a steady uphill climb since his solo debut. Back in 2001, Deatherage released Dream Upon a Fallen Star, which received great praise, most notably for the comparisons to the legendary Gram Parsons. So where does Deatherage fit in? Rock, country, jazz, blues – the list of genres go on and on, as does his band history. Back in Dallas during the late ’90s, he played in The Calways, which touched on the best parts of Reverend Horton Heat and Tom Petty. They played with the Old 97s and shared their last stage with Wilco, and the experiences brought Deatherage to strive to perfect his songs, rather than try to find a particular sound. Alone or with his band, his strengths are with his smooth vocals and dexterous guitar.

The Sham | With the release of Life Gave Me Lemons; I Made Lasers The Sham has cemented its place as one of the most entertaining bands in St. Louis. With influences such as The Velvet Underground, Blue Oyster Cult, Modest Mouse, The Strokes, and Pavement; The Sham creates a sound that you can't help but get up and dance to. With a countless amount of shows in some of the largest venues in and around St. Louis, and a new EP just released; The Sham is growing fast.

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