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enamelPLAYBACK:stl presents Springfield rock trio Enamel with St. Louis' own Ashborne at Off Broadway.



Enamel w/Ashborne
at Off Broadway, St. Louis
Doors 5, show 9 p.m.
| $7


It wasn't Kevin Wasmer's ambition to be a rock star. He started out-back in grade school, but still-on trumpet, French horn, baritone horn and whatever else they needed. But brass was not his true calling. Luckily, his mom was also music-minded. She led young Kevin into guitar lessons. And, well, it's true: a rock star was born.

OK, if you're not from Springfield, Illinois, maybe Enamel's not a band you've heard of yet. But you will. You'll see them live, or you'll hear them on the radio, and something will stick. There's some alternative rock there, some aggro, some harder sounds. But beneath it all, there's a melody. Harmonies. Solid songwriting and lyrics. And—especially if you're seeing them live-a whole lotta noise for a three piece.

Over the years, Wasmer's become a recognized songwriter. Won $1,000 for writing a radio-show theme song. Got rave reviews for a self-released Enamel CD. Opened for such nationals as Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown. Yeah, his band was good. But the lineup needed a bit of tweaking.

Enter Zack Gray (bass, vocals) and Sam Ganci (drums). As of early 2006, Enamel's new lineup was complete, and the band set about recording a new CD. The result is currently in production and will be available for sale at shows and stores quite soon.

"The emphasis on buying and selling CDs has fallen by the wayside," says Kevin. "It's now on good stage shows, with songs accessible enough for radio."

"There's always a place for good, well-thought-out music," continues Sam. And, well, should hope so, shouldn't we? In Enamel's case, they've got both: a killer live performance and the recorded chops to back it up. | Laura Hamlett

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