Crunchy Cool SummerJam | 06.02.07

coolbunyPLAYBACK:stl is proud to bring you the gang that brought you Hooch & Daddy-O

The awesome Crunchy Cool Films gang return to the Pageant to bring you some fine music, including The Trip Daddys, Finn's Motel, and Jesse Irwin. The whole thing is hosted by Bill Chott who you have certainly seen on SNL (Ambiguously Gay Duo) and in the film The Ringer. All for the advancement of Crunchy Coolness and just $7 for old people and $9 for the whipper-snappers. 

Saturday Night Live's Bill Chott to emcee the event at The Pageant

Critically acclaimed local musicians The Trip Daddys, Finn's Motel, and Jesse Irwin will perform at the Pageant on Saturday, June 2nd for the Crunchy Cool SummerJam. The show will be hosted by Actor/Comedian Bill Chott of the Farrelly Brothers' film "The Ringer" and Saturday Night Live's "Ambiguously Gay Duo".

The event will benefit "The Bloodfest Club", the upcoming feature-length horror/comedy from Crunchy Cool Films, the makers of "Hooch & Daddy-O".In "The Bloodfest Club", a Chuck Norris-obsessed janitor leads a brat pack of prep school students in a battle against alien zombies on the eve of graduation. Proceeds from the Crunchy Cool SummerJam will go towards the production cost of the film. "Hooch & Daddy-O" is an award-winning comedy that has recently attained nation-wide distribution from Echelon Studios.

The St. Louis-produced film follows the rise and fall of the fictional 80's television series 'Hooch & Daddy-O', and joins the original cast as they reunite to film a made-for-TV movie. Previous honors for Hooch & Daddy-O include 'Best Comedy' – Planet Ant Film & Video Festival (2006 – Detroit, MI), 'Audience Award' – Faux Film Festival (2006 – Portland, OR) and 'Outstanding Original Story/Screenplay' – Dixie Film Festival (2005 – Atlanta, GA).

What the critics are saying:
"Wild. Funny. An excellent multi-purpose parody." – Film Threat
"Smart. Irreverent. A Scream!" – CBS Radio
"A wholly original, delightfully edgy debut." – Riverfront Times
"Laugh out loud; funny!" – PlaybackSTL

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