Bassnectar | The Pageant 4.3.10

American DJ Bassnectar brings his artistically stunning show to St. Louis.

Back in the mid to late 90’s, the electronica genre had reached a level of mass exposure and popularity due to the success of artists like The Chemical Brothers, Moby and the Crystal Method. Consequently, DJs were sprouting up worldwide like weeds on an unfertilized lawn. The supply soon became much greater than the demand, however, and many of the once-active DJs moved on to pursue other career paths.

One American DJ who has remained true to his creative calling for slightly over a decade now is the San Francisco-based Lorin Ashton, better known as Bassnectar. Starting out doing DJ and remixing work, his resume now also includes songwriter and producer.

Ashton describes his free-form project as “omni-tempo maximalism,” which combines beats and bass lines with music of all speeds, time signatures and rhythms. Citing influences as diverse as Metallica, Salt n’ Pepa, Native American music and Mozart, Ashton readily admits that Bassnectar is essentially “an amalgamation of every sound I’ve ever heard.”

Since 2001, there has been a Bassnectar full-length disc released each and every year, other than in 2006, and a five-track EP entitled Timestretch just came out in early March. On his recordings, Ashton prefers to work alone, with occasional guest performers and collaborators. Live, however, Bassnectar is a multi-media extravaganza, with up to 20 people involved; ranging from instrumentalists, DJs, graffiti artists and video artists, all feeding off of each others’ creative energy simultaneously.

Currently on an extensive four month, 32-date North American tour, which includes the high-profile festivals Ultra, Coachella, Wakarusa and Bonaroo, Bassnectar will be bringing his sensory-stimulating spectacle to the Pageant on Saturday, April 3rd. What should you expect from this show, besides a highly-unique concert experience? There’s a quote from Ashton on his myspace page that answers that question better than I or any of his almost 45,000 myspace friends probably could: “Wobbling, churning, surging soundtracks in any form or mood, combining explosive basslines with everything plus the kitchen sync…quivering gush-hop and multi-directional meltdown music. No rules, no limits, no boundaries.” | Michele Ulsohn
Bassnectar plays the Pageant on April 3rd
6161 Delmar Ave.
General Admission
$20/adv, $23/d.o.s.
All Ages

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