The Convalescence | “Reflections” (3Thirteen/eOne)

This track is simply following the blueprint, and really not doing anything new or interesting.


I walked into this one thinking it would be a death metal track—all of the promotional material spoke of them as such— and I was sadly mistaken. Deathcore sextet the Convalescence is really just a boiled-down metalcore band with some death metal influences, and this track, “Reflections,” spells it out.

I’m a bit more disappointed than I thought I would be with this one—deathcore is still just as boring as metalcore—and I have yet to find a track, let alone a band, that can really make me feel any different. It’s an unfortunate thing. I’ve given the genre more opportunities than I thought I’d ever do, to at least in some way surprise me—and it still failed.

To quickly sum up this track: It’s mundane. Lyrically, we’re given a song that just asks questions and makes statements about self-harm and trying to free yourself. I could give them credit, but I can’t; since every other damn metalcore song I’ve ever heard does the exact same thing. I will give them this, however: Lyrically, “Reflections” can reach some of their fans in a bit more of a relatable standpoint, but what is there for those who aren’t able to relate?

The Convalescence attempts to add some sort of contrast with the growl/scream combo, along with some generic metalcore clean singing, but it’s still following the metalcore blueprint. Instrumentally, we’re again given sections of the track that are simply following the blueprint, and really aren’t doing anything new or interesting. We at least have one breakdown: All the chugging you could ever hope for is here, but other than a surprisingly airy keys sections, that’s it. I just wish there was something that would set them apart from other acts doing the same thing.

If you’re into metalcore/hardcore/deathcore, I’d be the one to say for sure, get into these guys—but unless you’re an angst-filled teen, pass. C | Marcus Mercer

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