The Avalanches | “Frankie Sinatra” (Modular)

The song’s got so much depth, with more than a bountiful amount of sample treasures laced within the mix.


After a 16-year hiatus, the Avalanches return, announcing a new album, Wildflower. First up is single “Frankie Sinatra,” featuring the likes of Danny Brown and MF Doom, two highly influential figures within hip-hop. With this sudden announcement of a new album and track, fans have been in a frenzy. Their favorite Aussies are back in the spotlight for tours, this new album, and maybe even a newer album in a few years. (We’ll see, but don’t hold your breath.)

What many fans were hoping for was a sequel to the Avelanches’ 2000 classic Since I Left You, and were disappointed by the track given to us—but I have words and opinions to give to you! In an interview on Beats1, the Avalanches specifically describe this album as “loose with rock ’n’ roll,” and especially within this track, it’s evident they’ve successfully managed to implement that sound. So really, don’t expect too much of the same; these fellows want to grow as artists, not be known as “those guys with that one good album.”

Within this track, we’re given a lot—and I mean a lot—of tasty samples and crossfades. The Avalanches not only manage to keep with their original style, but they add a bundle of new and interesting influences to spice up the track. Right from the get-go, we find almost an homage to the title track from Since I Left You, welcoming the listener to the experience. With rustling and bustling pat-downs and welcomes, the band delivers faint beats and a sneak peek at the sample base for the most of the entire track. After a few moments, with the track looping the base, come some bouncy beats that sync perfectly with the Frank Sinatra sample.

Once the scene has been set, Danny Brown drops into the track and carries the beat on his shoulders. Brown’s got this outstanding higher vocal pitch that completely complements the silly and playful atmosphere built by the song, soon contrasted with vulgar lyricism. MF Doom makes his way onto the track with a slow start, unfortunately—but once his flow gets going, he hits all the marks. After his final verse ends, the track strips down to the base beat, and rides into an instrumental bite from the Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things.” And then, abruptly, it cuts back, jumping right back into its playful sense before finishing off with some punchy rolling bongos added to the main mix.

I’ve only scratched the surface of this track, as it’s got so much depth with more than a bountiful amount of sample treasures laced within the mix. It’s what the Avalanches are known for, and why should I be the one to spoil all the fun? I highly recommend you listen to the extended mix; it truly proves justice to this track and gives me confidence in this upcoming record.

Wildflower drops July 8. Don’t overlook this album; it’s going to be quite the party. | Marcus Mercer

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