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qh_yuca.jpgYuca is a band whose members thank God, and who delivers a fairly solid collection of songs.







You’ve got to wonder if God is aware of each time he’s thanked in the liner notes of CDs. Do you think he collects the CDs as trophies, evidence that he is loved and appreciated? Or rather, do you think this is just a way for musicians (and authors and actors, and everyone else who compiles a printed thank-you list) to let us know their leanings, no matter how relevant (or irrelevant, as it were) said information is to their music?

Whatever the case, Yuca is a band whose members thank God, and who delivers a fairly solid collection of songs. Matt Borck’s vocal prowess is reminiscent of Matt Bellamy of Muse, soaring and full-throated. Though the music is pretty straightforward rock ‘n’ roll (with maybe a dash of indie), it’s fairly tight and well delivered. The tracks here are divided into two categories, rock and mellow rock. On the latter, Borck has a tendency to overuse the falsetto; also, these songs just don’t play to the group’s strength like the upbeat ones do.

Though it’s nothing overly unique or must-have, this self-titled debut of Canadian quartet Yuca still showcases four musicians with talent. If the band can find its own voice—and perhaps a more unified sound—they just might make something of themselves. C+ | Laura Hamlett

RIYL: The faster stuff: Muse; the slower stuff: Coldplay

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