Young Rising Sons | s/t (Dirty Canvas/Interscope)

cd youngrisingsonsYou can’t listen to Young Rising Sons and not feel happy; it’s impossible.



You can’t listen to Young Rising Sons and not feel happy; it’s impossible. Take “High,” the opening track to the band’s debut self-titled EP. Upbeat whistling and a peppy beat define this track, which finds lead singer/guitarist Andy Tongren proclaiming, in the loveliest of falsettos, “Just let it go, enjoy the ride/ Without the low there ain’t a high.” You’ve heard this one, I’m sure; it’s taken over the airwaves. Go ahead; give in to the cheer and sing along. Up next, “King of the World” keeps the feel-good going with another perky pace and always-welcome backing “whoa-oh”s. “We’ll sing songs that never get old/ we’ll be here forever,” promises Tongren as upbeat percussion keeps the mood bright.

“YouTurnin” is the perfect, laid-back follow-up to the two soaring songs that preceded it. Nonetheless, it continues to inspire lyrically, promising the world’s continued turning while the lovers’ wait for their luck to turn around. Closing the all-too-brief offering is “Red & Gold,” easing the listener in to a toe-tapping melody and happy-go-lucky refrain. Although it’s over all too soon, the EP is a solid introduction to the New Jersey quartet. A- | Laura Hamlett

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